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My name is Robert Weinberg.

NMLS #80786

Robert Weinberg in grey suit smiling in front of a wall of hydrangeasRobert Weinberg grew up in several states along the East Coast; spending his earliest years in Maryland, and finishing high school in suburban Miami, Florida. When not in school Robert spent his teenage years working for a computer company and participating in several concert, orchestral, and jazz bands as he pursued his interest in drums & percussion.

Robert attended The Florida State University Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship, in Tallahassee, Florida. 40 Students are accepted into the program each year which allows hands-on opportunities to consult and learn about entrepreneurship in various industries.

While pursuing degrees in Entrepeneurship and Business Management Mr. Weinberg gained experience working in the banking & finance industry. It was during this time that he saw all of the tricks banks play, and the realities behind how they keep consumers in debt for as long as possible. Robert began learning the insider secrets that large corporations & multi-millionaire entrepreneurs used to manage their debts & mortgages which he then started teaching to consumers with tremendous results.

Over the last 9 years Robert has been on a mission to help people make their lives better: Helping families maximize their financial success, eliminate debt, and live a better life. Showing others strategies to purchase their first or second property, save hundreds or even thousands per month on their monthly payments, dramatically improve their credit scores, and see the opportunity for wealth that they never thought was possible.

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